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School and college

How to add your college, school, university and institute listing in

(1) Login in website ( If you are using first time, go to register and register as an “owner”.

(2) Click on “Add listing”

(3) Choose listing package. During the promotion period, we are giving all free listing. Go the “Free listing”

(4) Chose main category of listing “Service”

(5) Fill information like “name of your college”, “keywords” and choose category from dropdown list

(6) In Gallery, upload or drop and drag 4 images. Recommended to put high resolution images more than 512 x 512 pixel.

(7) Put your location information, it will be shown up in google map. If google map does not find your location, go the google map and copy longitude and latitude of your palace. It is important to track your business locally.

(8) Put your contact information, website, social media link, youtube video (fb video link also works). Recommended to use Whatsapp (+977 and your cell phone number). Dont forget to on the contact widget if you want to get massage from user.

(9) Set opening and closing time. You may set holiday in the calendar as well

(10) Open booking tap on if you would like to set parents or customers appointment with your principal or coordinator. You could also set the time slots.

(11) Submit listing. This will lead you to the payment page. If you already selected the free listing package so you dont have to pay now but you need to put your billing address properly.

Payment Page

Once you submitted your page, hamrolocal admin will review your listing and approve if it does not violet the “Dp analytics policy and privacy”.

In webpage your business will be available along with other businesses. If you provide the best service, the rating will definitely play a bigger role to attract users. We can also turn off the comments and rating.

In Mobile you will see it little bit differently. Download our app try it.

Search optimization (SEO)

If you apply search optimization, your business will be appeared in google search in a more efficient way. Here is an example. SEO requires an additional effort from admin.

If you need a technical support for your listing, we will charge small money on that front. Please go head and check out.