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Why Overparenting is Bad

This is google time. If you have any issues or medical problems or going on vacation or trying to do something new but have no idea how to start, or you are becoming new parents, the foremost thing you will do is google it.  You will get hundreds of related articles,  suggestions, comments, and experiences.  […]

Growing Mental Health Crisis in Youth

  Young people are more likely to suffer from mental illness than ever before, which is exponentially increasing in underdeveloped countries. The most common mental health problems are anxiety, depression, and stress-related issues. According to a recent study, anxiety and depression constitute more than 40% of mental-health disorders among young people aged 10–19. In eastern […]

Health amidst COVID-19

Ralph Waldo Emerson correctly quoted “Health is wealth”. It seems to be everso prominent in today’s world where we’ve been struck hard with COVID-19. The need to take care of one’s health has only risen. Maintaining health and healthy habits in general seems to be really tricky these days, but it doesn’t have to be […]

Review of the must watch movie: ‘The wolf of wall street’

The opinions presented in this article are completely of the author and not of release: December 25, 2013 AD cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hills, Margot Robbie e.t.c. type: Dark comedy, Biopic director: Martin Scorsese There was an era in the late-nineteenth century where stock brokers were becoming literal overnight successes. The hub for major […]

Best AI conferences are Free

Social distancing, travel restrictions in place and nationwide lockdown are making an inevitable in the use of accessive digital technologies. Industrial and academic conferences are highly impacted by this unprecedented situation. At the same time, it is also generating opportunities for the young generation such as free registration expensive conferences virtually. One of these conferences […]

Online Free Resources for School Students

A highly accessible mobile network, wifi, and use of personal computers bring a lot of changes in Education and Learning techniques. Traditional textbooks and pre-designed curriculum-based learning settings are rapidly changing into more dynamic and interactive computer-based settings.  If you are a parent of school kids,  and you are worried about their school performance, I […]

Top best things you could do in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a different city from other big cities around the world. It is highly centralized and densely populated, approximately 3 million people live within 50 square kilometers. Interestingly it is one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists from Europe and North America visit Kathmandu. Here is […]